What is Dream Submitter and how does it work?
Dream Submitter is a gallery submission program that creates all of your galleries with the different recip links with just a touch of a button. It also automatically fills out submission forms with predetermined information for manual AND automatic submissions.

Can I integrate my submission URLs into Dream Submitter if I am using another submitting program?
Yes. If you supply us with a list of submission URLs (MGPs) in a text file we can import a large portion of them from our master database 'brain' to create you a ready to go database in minutes - and it's free! (Not available for TGP as this moment) We do have contacts that will convert databases for a fee if you wish.

Can I run Dream Submitter on more than one computer?
Yes. You may install and use Dream Submitter on more than one computer, but you can only run one instance at a time. In order to run two instances simultaneously you will need to buy two licenses.

Is it true that i can set my auto submissions up with a schedule and walk away?
Yes. In Dream Submitter you can setup as many submissions as you want in advance with pre determined submission times and dates.

How is the error checking for auto submissions better then any other program?
Our advanced error checking compares description lengths and form field entries with each form before autosubmitting, and if it finds any discrepancies it will skip the site and mark it with a red marker.

Is it true Dream Submitter will automate passphrase images?
Yes. With leading edge technology we have found a way to automate all passphrase forms. This feature is being integrated into Dream Submitter.

Are there any sites Dream Submitter cannot autosubmit to?
Yes for the time being there are a small fraction of sites that are not automated, but are being worked on. Our goal is to have every site autosubmitable.

I need technical support. Where and how do I get it?
You won't believe it. The Tab 9: Forums is a link to the pieslices.com community and the Dream Submitter support forums. Now get the answers you want, and fast!

Can this program auto-fill forms and auto-submit gallery form submissions?

Yes. The program auto-fills forms automatically or at the push of a button. As easily it can click the submit button on a form for you - and with the built in Form Professor you get to pick which form off the site in case there are multiple forms to choose from (like the freepussypalace.com: a submission form for pics and form for movies on the same page).

If I set a submission URL for auto-submit status will its result page be saved to a file for future reference?

Yes. Any submission URL in the Tab 2: Database has their last auto-submission results page saved to file in the /autosubmit sub-directory of where the program was installed as .html files. These files can be viewed from the program by right-clicking the mouse in the Tab 2: Database over the desired submission URL and selecting the "View URL last auto s." option in which case the Tab 5: Submission zone 1's browser will focus and view the file. Any other program or browser can view these files too.

I don't like messing with code tables and viewing sources of webmaster submit pages just to tediously enter them into some database - sometimes I don't even know what I'm doing. Is it easy to import new forms into the database?

Yes. On the Tab 5: Submission zone 1's browser you can click on a F button which pops up Form Professor. This built in tool will display the current browser's loaded page forms and its field elements in a text box and a list. All you need to do is match them up with the database definitions and click the Import button - it will even create a reciprocal link on the fly for you for the gallery html generator!

Can I generate .html files from a gallery template with reciprocals for submissions?

Yes. The gallery html generator is included with Dream Submitter. All you need is any template file for your gallery, a <---text link---> in your template for each recip in a table and you're good to go. The generator part of the program will go through its reciprocal list which you can build seperate from the submission URL list and generate as many html files as necessary with the right reciprocal data up top or however you designed your template. As a bonus, all generated html files for submission will be qued in the Tab 3: Submission calendar area. If you have 3 reciprocals per gallery html file, 3 submission calendar entries will appear with each tied seperately to the submission URL and the corresponding file. Ofcourse, each recip link can be defined for each submission URL in the gallery html generator. The default is text but you can change this any time and even add graphical recips. It's so easy!

Can I define multiple databases and share or use them?

Yes. You can make multiple copies of your .mdb file or download the clean .mdb file and create / generate new databases. All surface and internal data for submission URLs is transfered upon import as well - not to mention the recips which are generated automatically upon import in the gallery html generator.

Are my gallery generator submission settings saved seperately per database?

Yes. When you build (if at all) any new databases your Tab 4: Email definitions and gallery html generator pre-settings are saved to the database.

I don't like pop-ups, javascript, java and activeX behaviours during submitting. Can I turn them off?

Yes. The Tab 5: Submission zone 1's browser has checkboxes that toggle either activeX or javascript and java on or off run-time. It is possible to have a controlled, smooth submission process without the odd web site behaviours normally encountered without Dream Submitter. All the pop up pages are re-targeted to Tab 6: Submission zone 2's browser.

I hate dealing with manual gallery submission confirmation emails. Is this nightmare finally over?

Yes. At the click of the button on Tab 4: Email the program will connect to your mail server and download emails into a big list. It will go through the emails one by one, search for the correct confirmation link and emulate its click in the Tab 5: Submission zone 1's browser. If a confirmation email is not recognized it will not confirm it and you have an option of re-sending it to your original mailbox. A very effective tab indeed!

Can I resize the program window and will it save my last window size and desktop position on exit?

Yes. Every time you start the program it remembers your last used window size and desktop position, even if full screen, which you can resize and move around at any time. This feature is called our 'smart saver'.

How can I tell if the browser windows are in use so I don't make a boo-boo during submitting hour?

Easily. At the bottom left of the program there are three square LEDs: a red, a blue and another blue. The first red LED turns on each time a form is auto-filled either by the program or the by the user clicking on the fill-forms button in Tab 5: Submission zone 1. The second blue LED turns on when Tab 5: Submission zone 1's browser is busy loading a web page (even during auto-email confirmations because the program confirms submissions by searching for the correct email link code and automating a "click" from an email to the browser). The third blue LED turns on when Tab 6: Submission zone 2's browser is busy loading a web page.

I like to semi-auto submit. This means 25% of my submission URLs are set for auto-submit so I don't have to click the submit button after the form has been filled out automatically. Can i traverse from one submission to another?

Yes. Now it's easy to go back and forth through the Tab 3: Submission Calendar generated submission URLs list and have the forms fill out automatically but not auto-submit. We ourselves only automate about 25% of our submission URLs and since it's always better to be safe than sorry - we just traverse and click the submit button ourselves. Makes for good webmastering. All can agree. Just click and highlight on a submission que record in the Tab 3: Submission Calendar, go to Tab 5: Submission zone 1's browser and you can move forward and back by pressing the '`' and 'ESC' keyboard buttons. As you traverse forward and backward, the Tab 3: Submission Calendar highlights the corresponding submission que record, goes to Tab 5: Submission zone 1's browser and load the submission URL, will fill out the form and if the submission URL is set for auto-submit the program will click the submit button for you!

If URLs are auto submitted can I compare the result pages with a defined error database (which I can manipulate) and will the submission entires in the submission calendar be flagged if submitted correctly (during submitting hour) or if they failed so i can easily go back and check its last submission history?

Yes. There is a Tab 12: AS Valid Scope / Presets where you can define various error checking preset notification software behaviour. Also you can define a webmaster submit page result error database. For example, say you have 50 tgps in your database and they are all set for auto-submission since their submit forms never change. Usually when you click the submit button the form gets processed and a result html page is shown. On this html page there may be errors if your submission was not filled out properly on the submission form. The software scans these saved for history 'for later review if necessary' result pages to your local hard drive and as it goes through the Tab 3: Submission Calendar and defines the auto-submission entry either as yellow (not submitted yet), green (auto submitted OK without any errors) or red (encountered errors on result page or with submission form). Totally easy to quickly glance and see if any database entries need updating because of submit page form changes or submit errors!

Some submission forms have a time protection scheme where if I click the submit button too early the submission will not go through. Is this solved?

Yes. Each entry in the Tab 2: Database has its own time release form fill option. This means the software will wait x preset amount of seconds before filling out a form before manual or auto submission!

I like to have more of a direct access to the database. Is this available?

Yes. If you have Mircosoft Access installed on your computer you can type the database name in a dos prompt and it will load up for you automatically in the Microsoft Access database editing program! No annoying passwords or locks or restrictions.

Can I use the submitter from work and from home so it's not limited to one computer?

Yes. When you first run the program you will need to register an account with a user-id and password. The logins are tracked by IP. If you abuse this and share your user-id and password the system will notify our staff immediately and freeze the account. This option makes the software very versatile and comfortable to use - from a desktop, a laptop or anywhere you like!

When I generate gallery html files can I group the recips?

Yes. For some tgp / mgp submissions you are required to have reciprocal links to high traffic sites. The gallery html generator allows you to give a recip a group name - with unlimited groups. This allows you to group your recips however you like.

Can I schedule multiple submissions daily and have them auto start when I'm not at the computer?

Yes. It is possible to have a timer activated scheduled submission. As well, submissions can now be grouped together and stored in the Tab 12: Automated Scheduler so as not to clutter up the submission calendar itself. If you like, work for an hour or two and set up your daily submissions. All scheduled submissions are date and time activated. Or, you can toggle the scheduler on and off if you don't want it to automatically begin a scheduled submission.

If I add or edit MGPs / TGPs to my database do I have to define fields and data for the record each time?

No. If you remember a gallery submission URL which contains data for a certain form field (like category) you can import another site's (for example, categories) data for the new site by clicking on the import button next to the form field type. It takes no time at all to add new gallery submission URLs to the database.

Can I limit gallery HTML generation by reciprocal link groups?

Yes. You can group your reciprocal lists however you like and limit them during html generation in the Gallery HTML Generator.

Can DS generate STATIC gallery URLs for gallery submission generation?

Yes. We have a Static URL override option in the Gallery HTML Generator - this option works best for clean or sponsor hosted gallery URLs so that no file generation or FTPing is required at all.

How much does Dream Submitter cost?
$35 a month with a 1 month $2.95 trial.


As you see Dream Submitter simply eliminates hours of frustrating work and automates this for you. It can manage MGP or TGP submission lists with reciprocals, automatically fill out forms and submit them - and link your generated html galleries from ANY template you design to the submission que for easy submitting. And who wants to confirm submissions by email? Not our users ofcourse - auto confirmations are easy with one click of the button. Dream Submitter: where anything is possible!